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Amazing Vegan Food!

Lately I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen.  Some of my latest amazing dishes have been:

Black bean burrito’s in a lettuce wrap.  I was very excited that I loved this.  I don’t like black beans, but these were mushed up and mixed with hot sauteed onions and stuff. With a homemade chunky guacamole sauce.

Homemade Sweet potato fries.  Boiled then baked. Seasoned with chili powder lime juice, sea salt, and cilantro.  yummm

"Meatball" subs.  o mannnnnn, these were so good!!!  I made Filafil balls instead of meatballs and filled a garlic sub bun with marinara.  THis was amazing!!!

veggie burgers. I used my leftover filafil mix and put in some sautee’d onions, mushrooms, red peppers, and spinach.  Turned into a patty shape and they made some of the best veggie burger ever. 

I’ve had some amazing food finds this week. I’m so excited about it.   Next I’m making some chocolate hazelnut pie. Supposed to taste just like NUTELLA. Except it’s completely vegan. yay

Buddha Blends: Raw Vegan Chocolate-Hazelnut Milk


I loved nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread), I used to keep a massive jar of it on my bedside table and eat it by the spoonful. I also loved ferrero rochers (chocolate) and a huge gift pack wouldn’t last me longer than a day. Even though those days long gone (there’s way too much refined sugar and unnecessary dairy and too little nutrients in both products), I take comfort in still being able to indulge in the awesome flavour combination that is chocolate and hazelnut. This is my version of chocolate milk, with a ferraro rocher twist. It’s rad and saying its really easy to make would be an understatement. Enjoy!


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veggie foods

Tonight, I made potato soup with broccoli, celery, and lots of onions. It was delicious! Even Todd liked it!

This month I’ll be making cabbage rolls made with brown rice and lots of misc veggies stuffed inside, then smothered with crushed tomatoes.  Super excited for that.  We’re trying to eat a lot healthier.   I’m also going to try eating raw veggies more often.  I think I’ll try my hand in some raw veggie pizza. I’ll try to take pics before the family gobbles it up :)

oo oo and my most exciting dish will be onion pasta.  I’m going to slice a TON of onions and just brown them nicely then whip some veggies in there either with pesto, or a tomato sauce, not sure yet.  I’m craving onions lately.

O, I’m also looking into Asian food.  There’s some cool meatless asian dishes that I’m going to attempt to make. Wish me luck!


Supercut of the Day: Coffee commercials from the 50s seem to share a running theme: They all should have ended with “then make it your damn self.”


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My Girls:
Hannah, Sarah, and Leah

My Girls:

Hannah, Sarah, and Leah

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